Regional Programs

Good Financial Governance in Africa

Many African countries still face challenges in the effective management of their financial resources. Some governments are unable to mobilise sufficient revenues; budget execution remains difficult and there are shortcomings in transparency, as well as the expected results. Since they lack capacity to fulfil their supervisory mandates, supreme audit institutions and parliaments are often seen as weak links in the chain of accountability. Furthermore, where mismanagement is exposed, sometimes little is done to enforce the corresponding sanctions or changes in behaviour.

The Good Financial Governance in Africa programme implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH addresses these challenges on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and the European Union (EU). >>

Bilateral Programs

Ghana - Good Financial Governance

The Good Financial Governance (GFG) Programme supports the Government of Ghana and relevant stakeholders in all areas of public finance. The overall objective is that the Government of Ghana is in a position to successfully implement its national development strategy (currently GSGDA) and thus able to achieve its priority objectives. Therefore, Good Financial Governance is improved, especially with regards to its effectiveness of Public Revenue Management, the credibility of its budget planning and its accountability, particularly concerning the extractive sector. >>

Malawi - Strengthening Public Financial and Economic Management 

PFEM has been in the centre of attention of the Malawian public and of international donors for some time now. The revelations of the massive loss of public funds through exploitation of loopholes in the Integrated Financial Management Information Systems (IFMIS), dubbed the "Cashgate" in 2013 are a striking evidence for the necessity to address the weaknesses in the Malawian public financial management, restore basic control mechanisms, increase transparency, and make efforts to regain trust in Governance by the public. Bearing this in mind, a new phase of the GIZ-project “Strengthening Public Financial and Economic Management” (PFEM) was launched with substantially extended financial means, running from June 2014 to June 2017. The strategic approach of the PFEM project is to focus on capacity development of the PFEM institutions in order to enable actors to fulfil their functions effectively and independently. The project supports PFEM institutions along the entire budget cycle of public financial management, from budget execution, oversight and control of budget by internal as well as external control bodies to domestic revenue mobilization. >>

Zambia- Strenghtening Good Financial Governance

The Good Financial Governance programme based in Zambia takes a holistic approach in linking up capacity development and structural changes in the areas of national planning, budget preparation, and execution as well as revenue collection in order to increase and strengthen the functions of the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of National Development Planning and the Zambian Revenue Authority. It focuses on core processes in public finance management, particularly on connecting the interfaces between the diverse players within the budget cycle: e.g. interfaces between line ministries, budget office in the Ministry of Finance, accountants, internal auditors, external auditors. While working on these inter-linkages especially the functionality of the established Integrated Financial Management Information System shall be enhanced. >>