Upcoming 2017 Winter School “Good Financial Governance"


Dear colleagues,


We are pleased to inform you that this training will take place 13th to 17th November, in Berlin. The course aims to respond to participants who are motivated to enhance their knowledge about Good Financial Governance and develop a better understanding of challenges within public finance reform and to learn about approaches on how to address them.


A portfolio of thematic lectures, presentations and theoretical insights on current state-of-the-art debates in the field of GFG forms the conceptual foundation of the Winter School. The following topics will be covered:
• Domestic Resource Mobilization including tax administration and policy, international taxation and property tax issues
• Budget reform including budget planning and implementation,  medium-term expenditure framework, fiscal rules, programme based budgeting
• Accountability cycle including internal and external control, parliamentary oversight
• Public procurement
• Municipal finance and fiscal decentralization
• Fiscal transparency
• Contribution of Good Financial Governance to the SDGs, Climate Finance, and PFM reform in fragile states and resource rich countries
Additionally and apart from providing academic expertise and hands-on insights into Germany’s experience, during this Winter School we will facilitate joint learning and encourage exchange with policy relevance. This will be done by use of specific “transfer sessions” and “peer counselling” slots that provide participants with additional opportunities to interlink and contextualize newly gained insights and knowledge gains.


Total participation will be limited to 25 participants and registration policy will be using the democratic rule “First come, first served”. The course language will be English.


If you would like to read more details about the course and/or to enroll, we kindly ask you to have a look at the AIZ-Programm:
- For GIZ Employees:
- For other participants:
In case of any questions concerning the registration, please contact the AIZ Customer Service Rita Rother (rita.rother(at)


If you need any other information, please don’t hesitate to contact Carole Benda (carole.benda(at) at the Academy (AIZ) or Susanne Thiel (susanne.thiel(at) at the Sector Department’s Competence Centre – Public Finance and Administration.


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