About us


The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH stands for multi-dimensional approaches in international cooperation. Our interventions have a holistic design, which covers three levels of learning and development: individual learning with our unique Human Capacity Development (HCD) approach, organizational development and improvement of political frameworks. All three dimensions have to go hand in hand to sustainably improve the well-being of people. One aspect thereof is crucial – all changes and reforms are initiated and lead by individuals. We believe that individual development is heavily based on exchange and communication with other individuals. Therefore the establishment of networks in focal areas can contribute to sustainable development. This is especially relevant for the sound/solid management of public finances – Good Financial Governance.

Target group

GIZ has a vast portfolio of public finance advisory services and long-time experience in supporting public finance officials and their institutions. A number of GIZ’s regional and bilateral projects work in the area of public finance and HCD. The number of former participants of trainings in public finance has grown strongly over the years. Additionally, GIZ works closely with key stakeholders in a national and international context. As a result, the demand to create opportunities for these highly skilled individuals to connect is vital for further exchange on new ideas and good practices in the different areas of public finance. International experts, including (former) GIZ advisors complete the community of public finance network members.

Access to regional and international knowledge

The need for organizations like GIZ to have access to specialist expertise has increased. This demand includes technical knowledge, specific regional expertise, experience in developing innovative instruments and the capacity to develop new services. Against this background, GIZ has identified the value of creating a network that brings together public finance expertise from all over the world. Organizations, individuals and experts gain access to international know-how and are able to share innovative new developments in their sectors for personal as well as career enhancement– all this is only a mouse click away.

What can the network offer?

  • Access to national, regional and international knowledge and current discussions around all relevant areas of PFM, latest trends and developments,
  • Access to latest news and events in the area of public finance,
  • Studies, discussion papers, reports, manuals and analytical documents provided by GIZ and international experts and academia,
  • Access to sector specialists, critical stakeholders, and international experts via the chat-room and experts profiles,
  • Interesting job opportunities (short term as well as long term),
  • Global exchange with people working in the same areas of interest,
  • Innovation management by enabling south-south learning from relevant public finance practitioners, cutting-edge knowledge and approaches can be shared and applied in other comparable contexts.

The global web based exchange platform

The global public finance network is hosted by a modern and user-friendly web based platform. It has tailor-made broad usage interfaces with different formats and features, including online subgroups, webinars, blogs and other media type interfaces. In order to create vivid interaction and high frequency varying internet speed and the differing hardware facilities of potential users have to be considered but that also goes together with an attractive and intuitive design concept.