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GIZ Programmes


Africa is the region with the largest public finance portfolio of GIZ. On the one hand there is the big regional “GFG in Africa” programme, which covers all focal areas of the network: public revenues, budgeting and public accountability. Further there are a couple of sub-regional programmes, which – at least – have public finance components. Examples are programmes with the EAC, SADC and ECOWAS. On the other hand GIZ is also cooperating with various African governments in bilateral programs all over Africa. Some of these programmes have a holistic GFG approach such as “GFG  in Ghana” or “Strengthening public financial and economic management“ in Malawi. Others in contrast are more specialized such as “Promotion of transparency and accountability“ in Uganda.>>


In the Asian-Pacific region, GIZ's public finance portfolio is rather small but specialised, addressing distinct segments of the budget cycle such as the support to tax authorities in Nepal or the support to the Supreme Audit Institution via the Good Governance Cluster in Yemen. >>


GIZ’s portfolio in Europe is very diversified. Projects are currently being carried out in EU member states, potential EU member states as well as with transition countries that do not have a short-term perspective integrating into the EU.>>

Latin America - Caribbean

In Latin America GIZ's public finance portfolio currently consists of three bilateral and two regional programmes. Bilateral cooperation exists with the governments of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. The programme in El Salvador covers all three thematic areas of the network: public revenues, budgeting and public accountability. In contrast the porgrammes in Honduras and Guatemala have a narrower thematic focus. In Honduras the Court of Auditors is the programme’s main partner. In Guatemala the programme advises the Ministry of Finance in the area of tax reform and intergovernmental fiscal relations. The regional programmes have two different regional partner institutions. In the areas of tax administration it is the “Inter-American Center of Tax Administrations“ (CIAT). With regard to public accountability GIZ is cooperating with the “Latin American and Caribbean Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions“ (OLACEFS).>>