Long-term Experts

Long-term experts bring in a solid understanding of development policy, advisory skills along with in-depth technical expertise in their field. Positions for longterm experts have a wide range of posts and functions worldwide such as advising a project in one of our partner countries or providing technical expertise for the planning and backstopping of projects. Our long-term staff supports change processes directly in partner countries. They are actively involved in delivering advisory services to governments and ministries. The diversity in the tasks ensures that GIZ can offer interesting positions for most professional backgrounds. >>

Short-term Experts

Short-term experts are normally hired for a very specific task within a development programme. In general, short-term experts have in-dept expertise in a certain field and they are meant to supplement the advisory capacity of the long-term experts working on the programme. Short-term experts can for instance be hired to carry out studies, draft policies/laws, facilitate trainings, conceptualize development programmes or to support the organisational development of our partner institutions. Due to the very diversified character of tasks carried out by short-term consultants, they have a wide range of professional backgrounds. Short-term experts can be professional consultants, but also employees from public administration or academia. In the area of public finance we are especially searching economist, lawyers, political scientist and organisational and management experts. 

Integrated Experts

Integrated experts are recruited on behalf of state institutions, private businesses, chambers, associations and non-governmental organisations who search for sound technical expertise, but also social skills. Different to long-term experts, integrated experts work directly within these entities and become a regular part of the staff. Here they often take managing roles, applying skills they gathered in their European working environment and gain hands-on experience of working in an entity outside of their home country. GIZ, together with the International Placement Services of the German Federal Employment Agency, supports partners in the recruitment and financing of suitable candidates. The positions are limited to applicants from EU member states. >>

Development Workers

In contrast to long-term experts, development workers usually do not search for a long-term engagement in development cooperation. Development workers should bring their professional expertise gained in their occupation at home to non-governmental and state organizations in partner countries. They provide training and advisory services, and work with our partners to support them in designing projects. Normally development workers are posted for 2-4 years. The pivotal aim has always been to get close to local people, to provide professional support based on experience and intercultural sensitivity, and to enable them to develop their own skills and abilities. After completing their assignments, development workers carry back their experiences to the European society, and thereby contribute to sustainable development and to fostering a tolerant society. Development workers positions are open to citizens from EU countries and Switzerland. A minimum working experience of two years is mandatory. >>


An internship will give you an insight into the diversity of GIZ’s work. We offer internships in departments across the company, both in Germany and abroad.


Internships in Germany

As a intern in Germany you will be given specific tasks to carry out on your own under the guidance of a mentor. This will give you an insight into the work GIZ does and allow you to complement your theoretical knowledge with hands-on experience of the working world. Internships normally last between three and six months. In individual cases we might agree to a shorter assignment. Our internships are open to matriculated students and applicants who have graduated within the previous six months.


Internships abroad

Our internship programme offers students and graduates the opportunity to work abroad in a GIZ office, project or programme for three to six months. Graduates may only apply within six months of gaining their degree. Why not take this opportunity to work in an intercultural environment and deepen your understanding of sector-specific and regional issues?  The aim of the programme is to learn about development cooperation in general and GIZ’s work in its partner countries in particular. Once you have completed your internship, you will write a report on your experiences and any outcomes. You can also use this report as the basis for your dissertation. >>